I’ve Moved! Change Your Subscription. 

Hi beautiful people! Thanks for following my journey. Just letting you know that I've moved my blog over to a self hosted site! This means you are no longer subscribed to me. If you would like to continue to follow me, please head over to http://www.findingrainbowsinthedark.com and type in your email address.  Much love, Ashleigh. 


When Seeking A Diagnosis Feels Like Seeking Disapointment

Going to the doctors is easy; you call and make an appointment, you turn up and discuss your symptoms and then your doctor presents you with an answer and a solution. However this is not the case for people like me, people with rare and chronic conditions that are difficult to diagnose. Did we realise … Continue reading When Seeking A Diagnosis Feels Like Seeking Disapointment

June Recap

I've decided to post a brief medical update each month, along side my weekly posts. My aim is to give you an insight into the reality of my situation. As this is my first one, I've included the end of May into my June recap. This month was super busy with appointments so it will … Continue reading June Recap